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Anti-Thrombogenic Medical Coating - HemoLAST

HemoLAST™ Anti-Thrombogenic Medical Device Coating & Surface Treatment

Anti-Thrombogenic Coating

HemoLAST™ coatings are:

Anti-Thrombogenic:                                                      Flexible:

HemoLAST™ coatings prevent the formation of thrombi                                 Heparin, hirudin, or any one of a number of
in vitro.                                                                                                               anti-thrombogenic agents can be incorporated                                                                                                                              in HemoLAST™.                                                            

Aqueous:                                                                         Adherent:

HemoLAST™, as part of the LubriLAST™ family of coatings,                             HemoLAST™ can be applied to virtually any
contains no organic solvents. Safer and cleaner manufacturing                     biomaterial or device with no flaking or delamination.
processes are used and any concerns about residual solvents
in a device are eliminated.

How does HemoLAST™ work?

HemoLAST™ is an anti-thrombogenic coating formulated on the LubriLAST™ water-based platform. It contains both releasable and covalently bonded anti-thrombogenic agents to provide short and long-term protection against thrombus formation. This is an especially beneficial characteristic for implanted devices. HemoLAST™ can deliver Heparin as well as other anti-thrombogenic agents such as proteins or peptides.

HemoLAST™ Clotting Study

HemoLAST™ Resists Blood Clotting in a Study

Silicone rubber tubes (10in. x i.d. 0.25in.) had their lumens coated with HemoLAST™ or with a hydrophilic control. Non-heparinized human venous blood was circulated through the tubes (modified Chandler method). The reported clotting time was when the blood ceased to flow. After three hours, the observations were stopped. No anti-thrombotic agents were detectable in the blood, thus indicating that the coating maintained activity and did not leach the bioactive ingredients into the system.