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Anti-Microbial Medical Coating - RepelaCOAT

RepelaCOAT™ Anti-Microbial Lubricious Medical Device Coating & Surface Treatment

Anti-Microbial Coating

RepelaCOAT™ coatings are:

Effective:                                                                                    Safe:

RepelaCOAT™ prevents growth of commonly occurring                                                 RepelaCOAT™ maintains a slow release profile that
organisms such as E. Coli, staph, and candida.                                                               minimizes toxicity to surrounding tissue.

Long Lasting:                                                                             Aqueous:

RepelaCOAT™ has demonstrated effectiveness for up to                                               RepelaCOAT™ coatings, since they are based on the
30 days.                                                                                                                             LubriLAST™ platform, contain no organic solvents. Safer  
                                                                                                                                           and cleaner manufacturing processes are used and any
                                                                                                                                           concerns about residual solvents in a device and are

Durable:                                                                                      Lubricious:

RepelaCOAT™ retains it’s physical integrity even after hundreds                                   RepelaCOAT™ incorporates lubricious polymers that
of cycles.                                                                                                                            reduce patient trauma and increase ease of handling.

How does RepelaCOAT™ work?

In RepelaCOAT™, silver salts and/or antibiotics are ionically bonded to the supporting polymer. In the presence of the sodium or calcium ions characteristic of body fluids, the anti-microbial agents ion exchange with these physiological cations. Long chain hydrophilic polymers incorporated in the coating adsorb water molecules and facilitate the ion exchange. Rather than exhibiting a huge “spike” of activity that diminishes rapidly over time and that may be toxic to the surrounding tissues RepelaCOAT™ prevents bacterial adherence by it’s slow ion-exchange release of anti-microbial agents.



Anti-Microbial Coating                                             

RepelaCOAT is an infection-resistant medical device coating with a patent pending, ion-exchange release mechanism. Unlike most anti-microbial coatings that have only a brief, initial spike of activity, RepelaCOAT can be customized to have a controlled, initial “peak release” followed by a sustained release of anti-microbial agents in the presence of blood or urine.

Anti-Microbial Profile — Silver Salt


Anti-Microbial Profile — Antibiotic