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Asqelio Intraocular Lens

Asqelio™ Intraocular Lens

Soft Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens

Asqelio™ soft hydrophobic intraocular lenses are one-piece foldable posterior chamber, UV absorbing, optical implant lenses used for the replacement of the human crystalline lens in the visual correction of aphakia in adult patients.

Excellent Material Behavior & High Stability

  • Due to the softness at this low glass transition temperature (Tg) at 11° C, Asqelio™ IOLs are easy to inject at room temperature and have excellent material behavior.

  • The haptic is designed to not transmit any forces to the optic part of the lens. Hence, the optic part is free of any stress.

Best Vision Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity

  • Aspheric IOLs with negative spherical aberration (SA) of -0.27µm

  • High Abbe Number – a relatively high Abbe number of 50

  • Less Chromatic Aberration all colors focused onto same point

  • Higher Contrast Sensitivity – high safety in low-contrast environments and clear sight in dim light

    Highest Precision

  • Proprietary soft hydrophobic acrylic material for 2.2mm incision

  • Sharp square edge manufacturing of the optic and haptics on both sides of the lens

  • High quality material, unique design and material with less than 0.5% water content

  • Not manufactured by injection molding process, no micro vacuoles

Option of Yellow IOL for Better Retina Protection

Yellow Asqelio™ IOLs provide an ultra-violet ray filtering function similar to a young natural crystalline lens in humans, filtering of high energy short wavelength light as well.

This chart shows the spectral light transmittance of a +20.0 D Asqelio™ IOL

This chart shows the spectral light transmittance of a +20.0 D Asqelio™ IOL