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General questions

What does AST Products do?

AST Products, Inc. (AST) develops and manufactures ophthalmic medical devices, as well as a line of patented and proprietary coatings for the medical device and specialty materials industries. AST provides coatings for medical devices with supporting Device Master Files and contract coating services to facilitate customers' product development and clinical trials. AST also provides specially engineered plasma reactors and contact angle analysis equipment that facilitate the application of its advanced coatings.

AST is ISO-registered (ISO 13485:2016) and all coating processes are performed at Class 10,000 or Class 100,000 clean rooms.

What services does AST provide?

AST provides surface modification technologies and tailor-made surface treatment services. AST also offers contract coating services as well as technology transfers to its customers.

What kinds of coatings?

AST provides coatings that make a surface lubricious, anti-microbial, hydrophilic, anti-thrombogenic, or anti-encrustation. Most importantly, AST provides tailor-made coating services under the collaboration with each customer to seek the best solution that meets the customer’s requirements.

What are the applications?

AST’s coatings and service mainly focus on biomedical device and special material industries, such as neurovascular, cardiovascular, urological, as well as coatings for intraocular lenses in ophthalmic industry. AST has worked on many applications, including medical catheters, guide wires, vascular grafts, intraocular lenses, contact lenses and microfluidic devices.

How does AST work with new customers?

In general, an initial feasibility study is conducted with new customers for technical discussions and trial runs on customers’ products. A fee will be charged for such study. If the customer agrees to move forward to the second stage, AST will continue to obtain feedback from the customer in order to optimize specifications that best fit the customer’s needs. Standard Operating Procedures will be developed. Lastly, AST continues to provide supporting services for the customer including contract manufacturing or technology licensing.

What is AST's business model?

Depending on the customer's needs, AST provides contract manufacturing services and technology transfers.

What kind of materials can be coated?

AST’s technology is based on polymer coatings; these coatings are suitable for most polymer-based medical materials, such as PEBAX, Nylon, PU, PE, PP, PEEK, etc. Promising results have also been found on many metals or metal alloys used in medical industry.

What about the geometry of the medical devices?

AST uses a wide range of different coating techniques such as dip-coating, brush coating, and plasma-enhanced vapor deposition. Depending on the device geometry, AST would select the best method to gain the best result.

What are the differences between LubriLAST™ and other conventional coatings?

LubriLAST™ uses a water-based coating technology as compared to many other conventional coatings that use a solvent-based coating technology. LubriLAST™ is biocompatible and environmental friendly. Together with the optimized and high standardized coating processes, a variety of approved medical devices has the LubriLAST™ label on them and has been marketed both locally and globally.

What kinds of coating evaluation tests can be performed at AST?

  • Friction test – durability, lubricity

  • Dye test – homogeneity

  • Scotch Tape test – adhesion, durability

  • Coating thickness measurement

  • Contact angle analysis – hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties

What is the cost for contract manufacturing or technology transfer?

Both are case-by-case basis. A close discussion will be had with the customer in order to evaluate the feasibility and cost for contract manufacturing or technology transfer.

How can LubriLAST™ -coated materials be sterilized?

For sterilization, the below methods can be used:

  • ETO (ethylene oxide gas) (recommended)

  • E-beam

  • γ-ray

How do I contact AST?

Phone   +1-978-667-4500

Fax   +1-978-667-9778