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Billerica, MA 01821
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Medical Devices

pioli IOL Delivery System - Video Demo

lioli IOL Delivery System

pioli IOL Delivery System


Coatings & Contract Services

Our Medical Coatings

Info on our Contract Services


vca Contact Angle

Introducing the VCA Optima

VCA Optima - Adjusting the Stage

VCA Optima XE - Motorized Syringe

VCA Optima - Adjusting the Lighting

VCA Optima - Using AutoFAST

VCA Optima - Getting Familiar with the SPC Software

VCA Optima - Using the Dynamic Capture

VCA Optima XE - Conducting a Pendant Drop

VCA Optima - Measuring Different Contact Angles

VCA Optima XE - Calculating Surface Energy

VCA Optima - Measuring Multiple Substrates

VCA Optima - Exporting Data

VCA Optima - Heated Environmental Chamber

VCA Optima - Using the Heated Syringe

VCA 3000S - A Closer Look

VCA Optima XE - Software

Measuring the contact angle of a substrate submerged in water

VCA Optima - Tilting Base Demo


Plasma Equipment

Introducing our PJ Bench Top Plasma System

PJ Bench Top - Closer Look at PJ Software

PJ Bench Top - Versatility

PJ Bench Top - Footprint

PJ Bench Top - Software Operation

PJ Bench Top- Maintenance Tips

PJ Bench Top - Treating Contact Lenses

Introducing the PS350

Mini PJ - Ideal for Contact Lens Manufacturers