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pioli IOL Delivery System

pioli™ IOL Delivery System

Smooth Navigated IOL Injectors for Single-piece Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic IOLs

The pioli™ IOL Delivery System is a truly unique IOL delivery system that utilizes a patent-pending consistent IOL-folding technology and an innovative LubriMATRIX™ treatment technology specifically designed and developed to enable a safer, simpler and more effective intraocular lens (IOL) delivery. LubriMATRIX™ surface treatment protects the IOL from damage during cataract surgery.

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The pioli™ IOL Delivery System (Model: PIOLI-D) is CE-Marked for EU and 510(k) cleared by US FDA. The system is packaged in sets of 10. Each set contains a sterile single-use LubriMATRIX™-treated injector. pioli™ utilizes these unique characteristics:

  • Single-handed, ergonomic design for ease of handling

  • Compatible with hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs

  • Patent-pending technology for consistent folding of IOL

  • Hydrophilic-treated tip with LubriMATRIX™ technology

  • Minimizing wound stretch in incisions as small as 2.2mm

Product Demo

Take a closer look at the pioli™ IOL Delivery System with our demonstration video:


Product Features & SpecificationS

Innovative Lens Folding Design

The world’s first lateral lens folding mechanism design, providing an effortless and reliable method to fold IOLs.


Utilizes a proprietary sliding mechanism which ensures the lens folding step can be completed in just one step, minimizing user error.


Lens folding takes place in a secure, semi-closed cartridge chamber, guaranteeing a safe lens folding environment.

2.2mm Incision Size

The PIOLI-D tip can easily deliver an IOL with an incision size as small as 2.2mm.

Hydraulic Force Driven Delivery Design

The soft silicon tip cushion on the plunger ensures an even lens delivery method driven by hydraulic force, ensuring the lens does not get damaged during delivery.


For the modern cataract and refractive surgery, every intraocular lens (IOL) needs to be delivered into the patient’s eye safely and precisely. The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design recognizes AST Products’ pioli™ IOL Delivery System as such a solution, naming it a GOOD DESIGN® Award winner for 2018 in the medical category.

GOOD DESIGN® are the oldest and the most prestigious Global Awards Program for Design Excellence and Design Innovation.