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Lubricious & Hydrophilic Medical Coating - LubriLAST

LubriLAST™ Lubricious Hydrophilic Medical Device Coating

Lubricious Hydrophilic Coating

LubriLAST™ coatings are:

Lubricious:                                                                       Aqueous:

LubriLAST™ coatings virtually eliminate coefficient                                            LubriLAST™ coatings contain no organic solvents. Safer and
of friction in aqueous environments.                                                                  cleaner manufacturing processes are used, and any concerns
                                                                                                                             about residual solvents in a device are eliminated.

Durable:                                                                            Biocompatible:

LubriLAST™ retains it’s physical integrity and lubricity                                        LubriLAST™ passes all stringent biocompatibility tests associated
even after hundreds of cycles.                                                                            with tissue and blood contacting devices.

Flexible:                                                                             Accepted:

LubriLAST™ withstands use in the tortuous paths found                                     LubriLAST™ is patent protected (US#6,238,799; US#6,866,936)
in physiological systems without flaking or delamination.                                  and used in a number of approved devices used in
It can be applied to balloons used in a number of medical                               neurovascular, cardiovascular, urological, and surgical applications.                                                                                                          applications.

How does LubriLAST™ work?

In LubriLAST™, a long chain, bio-compatible hydrophilic polymer is incorporated into the coating. Part of this long hydrophilic polymer becomes entangled with the supporting network while other part remains exposed and able to become hydrated. When in the presence of water or body fluids, the hydrophilic polymer adsorbs water molecules to create a watery interface at the surface of the device. The water cushion reduces wet friction, protein adsorption and cell adhesion.

Friction Reduction

Coefficient of friction comparisons*

Surface                                     Coefficient of Friction
                                                  Static          Kinetic
Uncoated PE                             5.890         1.019
Uncoated PET                           0.328         1.291
PET, Silicone coated                 0.041          0.021
LubriLAST™ coated PET .009  <0.00

* Data developed via modified D-1894-95 protocol. Test performed in water, samples pulled against polyethylene.

Relative friction reduction for various substrates

LubriLAST™ Coated Samples Had Significantly Lower Coefficient of Friction When Compared to Uncoated Samples








LubriLAST™ Durability Results After 300 Cycles in Push/Pull Tests:


LubriLAST™ Coated Samples Maintained Significantly Low Coefficient of Friction, Even After 300 Cycles in Push/Pull Tests







Tissue Biocompatibility

  • Cytotoxicity
  • Sensitization test in guinea pigs
  • Acute intracutaneous reactivity
  • Pyrogen material mediated test
  • Systemic toxicity


  • Direct Hemolysis
  • In vivo thrombogenic resistance study
  • Complement activation
  • Coagulation study

Sterilization and Shelf Life

Medical devices coated with LubriLAST™ can be sterilized by:

  • ETO
  • Gamma
  • E-beam
  • Shelf life: LubriLAST™ sterilized products have a shelf life of 3 years