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Anti-Encrustation Medical Coating - pHreeCOAT

pHreeCOAT™ Anti-Encrustion Medical Device Coating & Surface Treatment

Anti-Encrustation Coating

pHreeCOAT™ coatings are:

pH modulated:                                                                              Encrustation resistant:

pHreeCOAT™’s patent pending composition modulates surface                                       Substrates coated with pHreeCOAT™ resist
pH and thus prevents the deposition of seed crystals. The                                               encrustation even after four weeks in urine.
buffering action of pHreeCOAT™ is designed to work in all
physiological environments.

Aqueous:                                                                                        Biocompatible:

pHreeCOAT™, as part of the LubriLAST™ family of coatings,                                               pHreeCOAT™ is biocompatible as evidenced by
contains no organic solvents. Safer and cleaner manufacturing                                        successfully passing cytotoxicity, systemic injection,
processes are used and any concerns about residual solvents                                        and direct hemolysis tests.
in a device are eliminated.


pHreeCOAT™ can be applied to virtually any biomaterial or device with no flaking or delamination.

Left Uncoated, a Surface Can Become Encrusted. pHreeCOAT™ Prevents the Encrustation & Calcification of Medical Devices, Maintaining Performance, Comfort & Safety.

How does pHreeCOAT™ work?

pHreeCOAT™ is a new patent pending anti-encrustation coating in the LubriLAST™ family. It prevents mineral deposition on indwelling medical devices. pHreeCOAT™ can be used in any application where calcification of a device compromises performance, patient comfort or safety. By modulating surface pH and chemistry, pHreeCOAT™ renders the device virtually invisible to the calcification process.